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Association of Clinical Trials Organizations (ACTO)
non-commercial organization of the companies/ legal entities and clinical research community engaged in clinical trials in Russia.

World Couriers Berlin Bioseminar
to Tackle Challenging Pharmaceutical Outsourcing Issues

BERLIN (Germany), 2009Faced with a depressed global economy and lower projected industry growth rates throughout 2010, Europes leading pharmaceutical practitioners will meet in Berlin (Germany) in October at World Couriers 19th International Seminar on Global Clinical Trial Management & Temperature-Controlled Logistics to identify more cost-effective clinical trial practices and investigate opportunities in emerging markets.

While the current economic crisis has not impacted the pharmaceutical industry as harshly as many other industries, it is adding pressure to a sector that is already facing a challenging new market reality, says Klaus Hachmann, Managing Director for World Courier (Deutschland) GmbH.

Over the next five or so years, pharmaceutical companies will battle to maintain high growth rates despite substantial pressure from generic competition and the impending loss of major patents. Faced with a future that relies on bringing new drugs to market quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, outsourcing to developing nations has become a crucial part of their success formula. Our seminars are designed to provide insight into just this issue conducting clinical trials in emerging markets, and successfully managing costs and logistics while ensuring the integrity of the research results.

Accordingly, the World Courier bioseminar to be held at the Maritim proArte Hotel in Berlin on Friday, October 30, 2009 will address such topics as the benefits of integrated electronic data processing in clinical trial applications; cold chain management and temperature-controlled logistics; clinical trial management in the emerging nations of Eastern Europe, China and India; security and trade facilitation in todays global pharmaceutical market; and carbon footprint reduction. Over 350 senior pharmaceutical researchers and executives are expected to attend the event where they will join a distinguished cross-functional panel for an intense day of dialogue and networking.

The global clinical trial industry topped an estimated US $50 billion in 2008, says Mr. Hachmann. With clinical research being the most critical and expensive stage of drug development, our seminar will help pharmaceutical practitioners adapt their strategies and work practices to todays economy and find practical ways forward in view of current industry challenges.

About World Courier

Incorporated in 1969 and headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut (USA) World Courier is the largest and most experienced specialty courier service with a network of over 140 company-owned ISO 9001-certified offices operating in 50 countries worldwide. World Courier has set the benchmark for worldwide time-sensitive transportation and is the acknowledged leader in delivering customized solutions, cold chain and value-added services in growth markets such as the bio-pharmaceutical, automotive and high-tech industries. Through its company-owned offices and agents, World Courier provides door-to-door, customs-cleared service to more than 220 countries and territories.

For more information on World Couriers 19th International Seminar on Global Clinical Trial Management & Temperature-Controlled Logistics, please visit:

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