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Association of Clinical Trials Organizations (ACTO)
non-commercial organization of the companies/ legal entities and clinical research community engaged in clinical trials in Russia.

ACTO Newsletter

ACTO Newsletter is a periodic publication about Russian clinical trials market. As we currently foresee, regular sections in this Newsletter will provide an analysis of the dynamics of the clinical trials market and review of legislative initiatives and amendments as well as practical challenges and solutions. However, at the same time we would like the report to be up to speed with constant developments, which means that Newsletters structure and content may change in accordance with market demands.

The decision to commence publication of the Newsletter has been prompted primarily by the reorganization of the regulatory system after September 1, 2010 and its consequences to the pharmaceutical market. By creating the Newsletter ACTO not only carries out its charter purpose of assisting the development of the clinical trials market, but also reacts to the already formed public opinion. A demand for up-to-date information about the market situation, for a competent interpretation of such information and provision of recommendations on the part of Russian market players and foreign sponsors, has been evident for a long time.

ACTO Newsletter 28, Summary of 2023 results

ACTO Newsletter 27, First Half of 2023

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ACTO Newsletter 25, First Half of 2022

ACTO Newsletter 24, Summary of 2021 results

ACTO Newsletter 23, First Half of 2021

ACTO Newsletter 22, Summary of 2020 results

ACTO Newsletter 21, First Half of 2020

ACTO Newsletter 20, Summary of 2019 results

ACTO Newsletter 19, First Half of 2019

ACTO Newsletter 18, Summary of 2018 results

ACTO Newsletter 17, First Half of 2018

ACTO Newsletter 16, Summary of 2017 results

ACTO Newsletter 15, First Half of 2017

ACTO Newsletter 14, Summary of 2016 results

ACTO Newsletter 13, First Half of 2016

ACTO Newsletter 12, Summary of 2015 results

ACTO Newsletter 11, First Half of 2015

ACTO Newsletter 10, Summary of 2014 results

ACTO Newsletter 9, First Half of 2014

ACTO Newsletter 8, Summary of 2013 results

ACTO Newsletter 7, First Half of 2013

ACTO Newsletter 6, Summary of 2012 results

ACTO Newsletter 5, Q2 and 1st Half of 2012

ACTO Newsletter 4, Q1 of 2012

ACTO Newsletter 3, Q4 2011 and summary of 2011 results

ACTO Newsletter 2, Q3 of 2011

ACTO Newsletter 1, First Half of 2011

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